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As Harry walked into King's Cross, he was on overdrive. Taking in every detail. Sirius was walking behind, looking around, even occasionally greeting others.

Harry came to a stop.

"Er... Sirius.... were is Platform 9 3/4?" Asked a confused Harry.

"Oh, run into the barrier." Said Sirius casually, pointing to the pillar. Harry looked at Sirius, who merely nodded. Shaking his head, Harry ran.

He was closer to the barrier... he was going to crash....

But he didn't.

As if the barrier were nothing, he went right through it into a different station.

Harry was, needless to say, amazed. Soon, Sirius appeared smiling, with an 'I told you so..." look on his face.

"Harry! Sirius! Over here!" Came a yell. Harry turned his cart, and walked over the the Weasley clan. He was greeted by all of them.

"You know Harry..." Fred said.

"We were thinking," continued George.

"You should try one of our new experiments." Finished Fred.

Mrs Weasley shot them a glance, and they promptly piled into the train.

"Harry dear, let me take your stuff in." Mrs. Weasley said, smiling warmly.

"No, Mrs. Weasley, it's fine.."

"I insist, don't worry about me." Mrs. Weasley waved her wand, and the luggage and Hedwig's cage zoomed into the train, and Harry saw them all organize in a compartment.

"There you are, Harry." Mrs Weasley said, as a huge horn burst from the train. She exclaimed, before bustling her children into the train. Harry turned and hugged Sirius.

"You'll write to me, won't you?" Asked Harry.

"Every day, if you want me too." Said Sirius.

"Not every day," spoke a laughing Harry.

"You've got to get going now. Don't worry, I'm sure Professor Lupin will happily send me letters of your behavior." Sirius said, smiling.

Harry waved, and walked into the train, past students, into a compartment comprising of Ron and Fred and George.

"The horn sounded once more, and they all piled toward the window, waving frantically at Sirius and Mrs. Weasley.

At last, the train made a turn, and Harry Potter was Hogwarts-bound.
CHAPTER 4! Enjoy!
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